Slick on the National Security Issue No One is Asking the Candidates

News | September 27, 2016

In advance of the first 2016 presidential debate, Marc Thiessen pulled together a collection of foreign policy thinkers, including Director Slick, to answer this question for the AEI Blog.

 Stephen Slick:

“How will our next president respond to a cyberattack aimed at disrupting our orderly transition of power or to a foreign strike directed against a critical government or private target? The next president’s decision — whether to act, how to act, or to refrain from acting — will ripple widely and help shape international norms for conduct in cyberspace that will emerge in the next decades. The complexity of considerations implicated in such a policy decision is daunting, but this decision may nonetheless be required within hours, and in the absence of complete information.  A debate, decision, and clear expression of US policy in this area should therefore be among the next administration’s highest early priorities.”

The complete post can be accessed here.