ISP Director Steve Slick Talks US Security to San Angelo Texas Exes

News | February 8, 2017

Last Wednesday, February 8, ISP Director Steve Slick was invited to speak about his career and work at The University of Texas in the San Angelo Texas Exes chapter’s annual speaker series.

In addition to discussing initiatives of ISP and his own experiences in the Intelligence Community, Director Slick commented on the nature of the terrorism threat for US security.

Given the recent Russian hacking and interference in the United States’ November 2016 election, cybersecurity concerns are a high priority for Americans. Director Slick addressed some of the audience’s questions and concerns on this topic by providing a brief analysis of the Putin Administration’s motivation for the hack, noting that “the single biggest foreign policy challenge facing the new Republican administration is to develop, explain and enforce a credible cybersecurity policy that others will respect.” 

In addition to the cybersecurity threats facing the US, Director Slick discussed the main concerns to national security, ranging from China to the Middle east. Though the Intelligence Community faces clear and difficult challenges, Director Slick expressed his confidence in breath and effectiveness of US intelligence agencies.

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