Program Overview

UT-Austin's Intelligence Studies Project and the Texas National Security Network announce the Texas Intelligence Academy (TIA), an intensive academic program focused on intelligence and national security in Washington, D.C.  

The TIA offers a competitively-chosen group of UT-System undergraduate students the opportunity to learn about U.S. intelligence through lectures led by distinguished scholars and practitioners, simulation exercises, and visits to intelligence-related sites and facilities in the Washington, D.C. area. 

Selected students are housed in the District of Columbia and study at the UT-System's Archer Center one block from the White House. All travel, lodging, and programmatic expenses for the TIA are provided by the Intelligence Studies Project and Texas National Security Network. 

Applicants must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at a UT-System institution, demonstrate a strong academic record and interest in public affairs, and hold U.S. Citizenship. No academic credit is provided for completing the TIA. 

For information on our past TIA programs, check out the 2019 TIA syllabus here, and photographs from the 2019 TIA here

 Student Reviews

"The TIA was a perfect balance of academic activities (through lectures, discussions and readings) and personal growth opportunities (staff-ride to Gettysburg, free time for museum visits, and time spent at monuments and memorials). This balance made the experience extremely enjoyable and fruitful. I was inspired by the presence of an extremely strong sense of selfless duty among all of the people who engaged in teaching in the TIA. All saw themselves as contributors to a goal that was larger and more noble than their own personal gain. Their desire for security, stability and justice was refreshing, and it certainly steered me more directly towards public service in this field or similar fields." — Christian Soenen, TIA Class of 2018

"The TIA was a humbling experience. Attending lectures and engaging with practitioners of intelligence revealed the level of dedication, patriotism and selfless service that contributed to each individual's exceptional career in the IC. These experiences and conversations reinforced my view that serving in the IC and in public service is a lifestyle commitment that is uniquely challenging and rewarding. Two words to describe the TIA: Exhilarating and inspiring." — Jade Monk, TIA Class of 2018

"Being able to speak to and ask questions from former directors and heads of government agencies was an amazing experience, as they were able to give us insight that we would not have been able to hear anywhere else. It satisfied me that we were able to ask the hard-hitting questions and get honest answers, no sugar-coating. The TIA will provide opportunities you will never get elsewhere." — Taylor Bui, TIA Class of 2018

"I have always wanted to pursue a career in public service, however, the TIA only further encouraged me to continue in this direction. Prior to attending the TIA, I had really only set my sights on a potential career in public policy, diplomacy, or politics, but now having been exposed to intelligence and national security, I am certainly interested in a wider range of governmental careers. The TIA is not solely for those who have a predetermined career trajectory towards the intelligence community, it is for anyone open-minded enough to learn more about intelligence. Anyone and everyone who fits this bill should apply." — Ross Trivisonno, TIA Class of 2018

"This program was a 'once in a lifetime' experience. Even if intelligence is only something you think you are interested in, this program will broaden your horizons and may even convince you to consider a career in this government work. I had not considered the IC as a possible career path, but after the TIA I have decided to try and apply to several agencies." — Emily Moussa, TIA Class of 2018