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Anjali Gladson

Senior Student Associate, Intelligence Studies Project

Anjali Gladson is currently a senior pursuing a degree in Government with a minor in National Security and International Business. As a researcher for the Innovations for Peace and Development program, she is actively exploring the connections between peacekeeping efforts and the proliferation of extreme violence in regions of turmoil, particularly in Israel and the Palestinian territories. This past May, Anjali had the opportunity to participate in the Texas Intelligence Academy in Washington D.C. where she was able to analyze real-world intelligence problems while benefiting from field visits and networking opportunities. Following TIA, Anjali embarked on study abroad travel in Israel and the Palestinian territories, focusing on the region’s political and diplomatic history, as well as foreign policy successes and failures. To better prepare herself for a career in national security and intelligence, Anjali will be actively engaged on campus this year as a Clements Center for National Security Fellow, a Strauss Center for International Security and Law Cybersecurity Fellow, and the Vice President of the International Affairs Society. Upon graduation, Anjali hopes to pursue a career in intelligence analysis.