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ISP Successfully Wraps Up Texas Intelligence Academy 2022

Jun 15, 2022

The University of Texas at Austin’s Intelligence Studies Project hosted the third running of the Texas Intelligence Academy (TIA) from May 22 to June 1, 2022 in Washington, D.C. The TIA 2022 cohort comprised 14 undergraduate students from UT-Austin, UT-El Paso, and UT-San Antonio.

The TIA students participated in classroom lectures and exercises with former senior intelligence professionals on analysis, human intelligence, technical intelligence, covert action, counterterrorism, intelligence reform, and intelligence-policymaker relationships. The program included a visit to the National Security Agency headquarters where the students met with NSA Deputy Director George Barnes and other executives to learn about the NSA mission. Students also discussed intelligence oversight issues with Senate intelligence committee members John Cornyn and Ben Sasse and along with committee staff members in the U.S. Capitol. The TIA cohort was escorted on a day-long “staff ride” to the Gettysburg National Military Park where they learned how intelligence contributed to battlefield success and failure.

Click to view the TIA 2022 schedule and course syllabus. For students interested in applying to TIA 2023, ISP expects to solicit applications during the fall semester.


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