ISP Concludes Texas Intelligence Academy 2023

News | June 13, 2023

The University of Texas at Austin’s Strauss-Clements Intelligence Studies Project hosted the fourth running of the Texas Intelligence Academy (TIA) from May 16 to 25, 2023 in the National Capital Area. The TIA 2023 cohort comprised 15 undergraduate students from UT-Austin, UT-El Paso, and UT-San Antonio.

The TIA students participated in classroom lectures and exercises with current and former senior intelligence professionals on topics ranging from analysis, human intelligence, technical intelligence, covert action, and counterterrorism to intelligence reform. The program included a visit to the Central Intelligence Agency’s headquarters compound where the students met with the CIA Deputy Associate Director for Talent & Learning and toured the recently-renovated CIA museum. The students also joined The Honorable Brett Holmgren, Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, and the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) staff at Main State for a discussion of INR’s intelligence mission. Students were briefed by Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) along with staff members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in the U.S. Capitol on oversight issues, including proposed legislation related to classification requirements. The TIA cohort was escorted on a day-long “staff ride” to the Gettysburg National Military Park where they learned how intelligence contributed to battlefield success and failure.

The students, faculty, and staff of TIA 2023 are grateful to the Strauss Center for International Security and Law and the Clements Center for National Security, along with our mentor Admiral Bobby Inman, for supporting this unique academic program.

Learn more about TIA by viewing the TIA 2023 schedule and course syllabus. For more photographs, click HERE.