Business Insider Quotes ISP Director on Current Wiretapping Claims

News | April 3, 2017

Earlier this week, Business Insider quoted ISP Director Steve Slick on the necessity of consumers of reports requiring “more information to understand the significance of the intelligence.”

Recent reports that Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice incidentally collected the identities of foreign correspondents of officials on President Trump’s transition team began surfacing after the President’s previous claims of wiretapping. Business Insider reported that Rice’s moves could be legitimate, “viewed as routine and expected of high-level intelligence officers.”

The unmasking of identities is contentious, but Director Slick notes that truly understanding intelligence reports is ‘often not possible for a consumer or reader…without knowing precisely which US person may have been communicating with the foreign official.’ He goes on to say that, ‘legitimate requests are promptly granted, and less defensible requests (or requesters) are challenged.’ 

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