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UT-System Undergraduates: Call for Applications to Archer Fellowship Program

Aug 24, 2018

The Archer Fellowship Program provides University of Texas-System students the unique opportunity to live, learn, and work in the heart of our nation's capital.

The Daily Beast Quotes ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Aug 21, 2018

ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Kiril Avramov was quoted by the Daily Beast for their recent article Russian Journalists in Africa May Have Been Set Up

Interagency Performance in Counterterrorism Operations: Implications for the “Gray Zone” Report Released

Aug 20, 2018

Click here for the full text of the report drafted by the LBJ School students who participated in the ISP-sponsored Policy Research Project during the 2017-18 academic year on the integration and cooperation between the intelligence community and special operations forces in the years leading up to and after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. 

ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow featured in The Defense Post

Aug 17, 2018

ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Dr. Kiril Avramov's article Does the murder of 3 journalists in Central African Republic expose Russia's 'raid, seize and exploit' strategy?  was recently published in The Defense Post 

ISP Dir. Steve Slick's commentary in War on the Rocks on Why US Intelligence Should Embrace Senator Sasse's Solarium Commission

Aug 16, 2018

ISP Director Steve Slick recently published U.S. Intelligence Should Embrace Sasse's Solarium Commission in War on the Rocks

ISP Director Slick Reviews "Spy Watching: Intelligence Accountability in the United States”

Aug 09, 2018

The Intelligence Studies Director Steve Slick recently reviewed Loch Johnson's "Spy Watching: Intelligence Accountability in the United States" in an article published by Lawfare

ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow's Recommended Readings for Graduate Students

Aug 09, 2018

ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Dr. Kiril Avramov has assembled a reading list for graduate students interested in the topics of Propaganda and Influence and Disinformation and Information Warfare. 

Dr. Kiril Avramov, ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Interviewed by Canadian Global News

Aug 07, 2018

ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Dr. Kiril Avramov, was recently interviewed by Canadian Global News for their article Expendables: How shadowy mercenaries cash in on Russia's wars

ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Recently Quoted in Polygraph

Aug 02, 2018

The Intelligence Studies Project's Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Dr. Kiril Avramov was recently featured in Polygraph's article Russian Journalists Murdered in Africa - What Russia Does Not Say

ISP Announces New Fall 2018 Graduate Course: "Strategic Communications for National Security"

Jul 31, 2018

During the 2018 fall semester, the Intelligence Studies Project and the LBJ School of Public Affairs will offer graduate students the opportunity to learn about the history and modern practice of strategic communications with a focus on how governments use information campaigns to shape foreign perceptions of national security issues. The course, PA 388K, will be led by Dr. Alan Kessler and is designed for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students who have an interest in foreign perceptions of the United States and public diplomacy initiatives to inform, influence, and persuade the foreign publics to support - or at least to not actively oppose - US national security objectives.