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The White House has a policy problem, not an intelligence problem

Oct 01, 2014

The controversy du jour centers on President Obama's recent 60 Minutes interview where, among other comments, he singled out DNI James Clapper for the intelligence failures that allegedly missed the Islamic State threat.

Inside NSA

Dec 23, 2013

Welcome to "Inside NSA: We Brought in a Recording Device So You Don't Have To"---a special series of podcast interviews of senior NSA officials that we conducted last week.

Inside NSA, Part V--Fran Fleisch

Dec 20, 2013

Since the Snowden leaks began, managing the agency's external relations has kept both General Keith Alexander and Inglis fully occupied, and Fleisch has basically functioned as the agency's front-line manager.

Inside NSA, Part IV--Anne Neuberger

Dec 19, 2013

Anne Neuberger, has the unenviable task of running NSA's liaison with the U.S. private sector. She talks about NSA's sense of responsibility for the predicament it has created for industry and the need for some clear legal process for industry cooperation with intelligence programs.

Inside NSA, Part III--Lonny Anderson

Dec 18, 2013

A frank conversation about how Edward Snowden managed to steal the documents he took and what steps NSA is taking to make it harder for others who might try it in the future.

Inside NSA, Part II--John DeLong

Dec 17, 2013

A particularly interesting discussion about the development of NSA's compliance program, its history, and also why it does not seem to reassure more people that the agency is acting within the law.