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Texas Exes Spoof ISP on the Release of Presidential Daily Briefings

Feb 09, 2016

In Episode 62, The Hook investigates newly declassified CIA briefs, and talks with Steven Slick, ISP director, about the most sensitive documents in the world.

Inman Award winner Phil Nichols on Lawfare

Feb 03, 2016

2015 Inman Award Semifinalist Phil Nichols recently published a summary of his winning research paper.

Slick's Response to HLR Article on Intelligence Oversight

Jan 20, 2016

Slick challenged the utility and wisdom of recommendations for enhanced WH oversight of US intelligence activities.

Intelligence Professionals participated in National Security Forum

Nov 21, 2015

Last month, ISP, the Clements and Strauss Centers co-sponsored the second annual National Security Forum "Great Powers, Failed States, and New Frontiers: National Security Challenges of the 21st Century."

McRaven Addresses National Security Forum

Nov 20, 2015

UT Chancellor Admiral William McRaven gave a keynote address as part of the Robert Strauss Center and Clements Center annual National Security Forum.

Slick Identifies Need for New Security Policies in Wake of Paris Attacks

Nov 19, 2015

During an interview with Fox 7 Austin, ISP Director Steve Slick outlined several ways in which the U.S. and the world need to reconsider their intelligence and security policies in responding to the threat of ISIS.

Chancellor McRaven Announces UT Network for National Security

Nov 05, 2015

In a landmark address on November 5, UT System Chancellor William McRaven provided a bold vision for the future growth of the system, including a set of “quantum leap” strategic initiatives.

Slick on Open Source Information as Tool of Intelligence

Oct 19, 2015

"The information benefits from increased open source reporting [...] will outweigh the costs to the security of our own operational activities," said Slick to FP.

ISP Director Quoted on Open Source Intelligence in Foreign Policy

Oct 19, 2015

In his October 19 article for Foreign Policy, Elias Groll, sought the insight of ISP Director Steve Slick on the topic of open source intelligence. Troll's article, titled When Selfies Are a Tool of Intelligence, tackles the value of open intelligence reporting and the place of social networking in intel collection. Director Slick discusses the potentials and drawbacks of this experimental area of collection. 

ISP Director on CIA's new Digital Directorate

Oct 01, 2015

CIA, NSA and other agencies will continue to labor into a headwind on digital technology until a new, more cooperative, more rational relationship develops between the government and the private sector.