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ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Provides Remarks on Contemporary Russian Dissemination Campaigns

Apr 04, 2018

ISP Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Dr. Kiril Avramov visited George Washington University on April 4, 2018 to provide public remarks on "Contemporary Russian Dissemination Campaigns in Eastern Europe: Peculiarities and Key Themes," for GWU's Elliot School of International Affairs. 

Dr. Avramov discussed the rise of "alternative facts" in the current "post-truth" reality, highlighted by the Russian Federation's increasingly prevalent use of information and psychological warfare to target NATO and EU-member countries. Dr. Avramov discussed the typology and key themes of these "weaponized narratives" and explained the importance of the dynamic deployment of these narratives in the continuous battle for cognitive framing in Eastern Europe's contemporary public discourse. 

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