Information Wars: Social Media and Politics in Russia & Eastern Europe

Thursday, Apr 25, 2019   |   8:00AM - 5:00PM   |  RLP 1.302E

On Thursday, April 25, 2019, the Strauss Center will co-sponsor a symposium on "Information Wars: Social Media and Politics in Russia & Eastern Europe" with CREEES, the Center for European Studies, and the Clements Center. This symposium will encourage a fruitful conversation about the role and impact of mainstream and social media—and in particular about information and disinformation wars—in political battles, trajectories, and outcomes in Russia and Eastern Europe. Speakers will also discuss the ways in which these processes and networks have had global impacts, such as in the 2016 US elections and beyond.


Peter Pomerantsev | London School of Economics

Ilya Yablokov | University of Leeds

Joshua Tucker | New York University

Olga Onuch | Manchester University

Denis Stukal | New York University

Aliaksandr Herasimenka | Westminster University